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James at Badgertac 2 has kindly offered a 10% discount to all our Facebook friends. To find the discount code and take advantage of this offer, please check out our Facebook page HERE and join the group for future special offers and access to our invitation-only events! 

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In association with Ambush Adventures:

Longmoor Urban Training Complex is a purpose-built MOD training area, comprising of 68 houses, with 7 networked roads. Other features include railway sidings and several recently built compounds for players to do battle in.

Longmoor is probably the most famous urban site on the UK airsoft circuit. In addition to being used for airsoft, the site sees frequent use as a training complex for various branches of UK military and law enforcement. In the video clip, Team Diablo demonstrate why this is one of the most popular and exciting sites in the country.



Thursday, 27 June 2013 13:59

Weapon of Choice: July - the Vector

First produced in 2009, the KRISS Vector is a submachinegun (SMG) for the next generation. Apart from the fairly standard plastic folding stock, folding front/rear sights, and upper and lower rails (for mounting optics and accessories), the Vector has a number of features that make it stand out from the crowd. The most obvious of these is the internal recoil-mitigation system. When the weapon fires, the block and bolt travels along an off-axis recess just behind the magwell. This revolutionary design, coupled with the high position of the shooter's hand (positioned along the actual bore axis), significantly reduces felt-recoil and muzzle-climb. Even with the heavy .45 round fired by the weapon.

In fact, the KRISS Vector's recoil mitigation is so effective that, when compared to the HK mp5 (widely regarded as the gold standard for all SMGs), users reported as much as 90% reduction in muzzle-climb, and a 60% reduction in felt-recoil. This is even more shocking considering that the mp5 was firing a much lighter 9mm round. It is easy to see why the Military Channel voted it the top CQB weapon of all-time (see video). 

Other interesting features of the Vector include a flashlight port compatible with the Surefire Executive series of flashlights (located just above the muzzle), and a separate safety selector and fire-mode selector. This latter feature is found in very few firearms, and bears some similarity to the system found in the much older Ingram MAC10, another SMG chambered for .45 rounds. Also like the MAC10, the Vector sports a fearsome rate of fire, at 1100 rounds per minute. This is actually a considerable reduction from the prototype's original 1500 rounds per minute - a rate of fire so rapid that a standard 13-round magazine coud be emptied in just half a second! KRISS are also hoping to release a 30 round magazine in the future, along with a more compact version of the Vector (the K10) and a pistol version (the KARD).